How to Identify and Target Your Print Industry Audience ?

How to Identify and Target Your Print Industry Audience

Are you running a printing business or planning to start one? Well, you’re in the right place! Today, we’re going to talk about something super important for your print company – finding the people who need your printing services. This is called your “target audience,” and it’s a big deal in the world of printing and marketing. So, let’s dive in and learn how to identify and reach the right folks for your print business.

Who Are Your Ideal Printing Audience?

So, let’s chat about who really needs printing services. It might seem like everyone uses printed stuff from time to time, but not everyone is the perfect match for your print business. To make your print company soar, it’s super important to figure out who your best customers are. Here are some cool things to think about:

What’s on Their Printing Wishlist ?

Imagine all the cool things your printing business can make – like posters, flyers, or business cards. What do you love to create the most? Figuring this out can help you spot the folks who need your special printing magic.

Where Can You Find Them?

Think about where your printing kingdom rules. Is it just in your town, or can you spread your awesomeness to nearby places too? Knowing where your dream customers hang out helps you reach them better.

Cash or Coupons?

Some people like to splurge on fancy printing, while others are all about the deals. Figuring out your audience’s budget helps you offer prices that make everyone smile.

What’s Their Gig?

Certain jobs and businesses need printing more than others. For example, restaurants need menus and brochures, while tech companies might need manuals or product catalogs. Pinpointing these industries can guide your marketing magic.

Solo Flyers or Business Buddies?

Decide if your perfect pals are regular folks or fancy companies. Both have different printing needs and want different things.

Remember, knowing your dream customers helps you make your print business super successful. So, keep these awesome tips in mind while you’re on your journey to find them!

Where Can You Spot Your Perfect Print Fans?

Now that you’ve got a bunch of ideas about your dream audience, let’s dig deeper into how to find them.

1. Go on a Research Adventure:

Imagine you’re an explorer, but instead of maps, you’re using surveys, online tools, and chats with people. Your mission? To understand what your future customers really need and want when it comes to printing. This treasure trove of info will help you sail smoothly to your audience.

2. Spy on the Competition (the Nice Way):

Think of your competitors as friendly rivals. Look at what they’re up to in the printing world. Who are they serving, and are there spots in the printing universe they’re missing? Finding these gaps can lead you to your very own special place in the market.

3. Social Media Sleuthing:

Picture yourself as a detective in the world of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn hold the clues to finding your ideal customers. You can target specific groups of people with your cool ads. It’s like sending a secret message straight to their hearts.

4. Networking Ninja:

Pretend you’re a ninja at an industry event or a local business group meeting. By connecting with fellow ninjas (aka potential clients and partners), you can build strong alliances and discover new opportunities. Networking is like your secret weapon to finding your target audience.

5. Be Online-Friendly:

Become the wizard of the online world by creating a magical website. But it’s not just any website; it’s one that’s friends with search engines. When folks search for printing services, your site will be right there, waving hello. This is like putting a “Welcome” sign on the internet for your audience.

So, put on your detective hat, grab your map (or laptop), and set off on the adventure to find your perfect print fans. They’re out there, waiting for your printing magic!

The Magic Touch of Robert Vernon in Marketing for Print Company

Now, let’s uncover the enchanting ways in which Robert Vernon can sprinkle his expertise in marketing for print company:

1. Crafted Just for You:

Imagine Robert as your personal wizard, crafting marketing spells that are tailor-made for your unique printing business. No cookie-cutter solutions here! With his years of experience, he knows the secret ingredients that will .

2. Online Wizardry:

Robert’s expertise extends to the mystical world of the internet. He’ll help you wave your digital wand and increase your online visibility using the power of SEO. When people search for printing companies, your business will be front and center, like a shining star in the night sky.

3. Bullseye Targeting:

Robert’s marketing spells are so precise they hit the bullseye every time. He’ll assist you in crafting online ads that are like magical arrows, reaching only the people who are most likely to fall under your printing spell and become your loyal customers.

4. The Feedback Oracle:

With Robert by your side, you’ll have access to the wisdom of the Feedback Oracle. He’ll analyze the results of your marketing efforts and provide you with valuable insights. This way, you can fine-tune your strategies for even better results, like a master blacksmith sharpening a sword for battle.


Identifying and targeting your print industry audience is a crucial step in making your printing business successful. Remember to consider what your ideal customers need, where they are, and how best to reach them. Utilize market research, competitor analysis, social media, networking, and an online presence to find and connect with your target audience effectively.

If you need expert guidance in marketing your print company, don’t hesitate to reach out to Robert Vernon at or give him a call at +1 (208) 274-7282. He’s here to help you take your printing business to new